CACTUS company

CACTUS is a young and actively developing brand that sets new standards for market-compatible consumables, which became the largest suppliers of compatible consumables in the Russian market.

Due to its vitality and flexibility CACTUS finds optimal solutions for printing at home and office - no longer need to choose between comfort, print quality and its cost.

Modern production technology, strict quality control system, professional team of specialists and a unique research center are innovation of CACTUS products.

All CACTUS products are produced in strict compliance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, which is confirmed by international certificates. Each unit of output passes are 100% quality control.

Business Philosophy:

CACTUS aims to produce high-quality supplies at reasonable prices that are not inferior to the level of product OEMs.

Obligatory conditions of our work are: the development and use of advanced manufacturing technologies, multi-system control of quality components and final products, support for high professionalism and providing the necessary service and information support of our customers and partners.

CACTUS in Russia:

The range of consumables CACTUS currently consists of the following categories:
Cartridges for laser printers
Dram cartridges
Extra print cartridges for laser printers and MFPs
Cartridges for laser printers. Made in Russia
Cartridges for inkjet printers and MFPs
Cartridges for dot matrix printers
Cartridges for fax
Consumables for special printing
Recycle goods
Large format materials
Office paper
Office equipment and accessories
Presentation equipment
Flip charts and office boards
Cleaning goods
3D printing
Accessories and gadgets

CACTUS Products has a Russian certificate of compliance and insurance. We guarantee the safe operation of office equipment with CACTUS cartridges: the cost of repair of the failed device will be compensated in case of malfunctions associated with the use of our cartridges.

If you have a questions concerning wholesale purchases and sales or any other questions, please don't hesitate to contact us [email protected] with mark: «wholesale compatible consumables»

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